Top 5 Cutting-Edge Telematics Trends to Watch For

Top 5 Cutting-Edge Telematics Trends to Watch For 1

The most recent telematics market trends continue on to point towards supplying in-car connectivity and by 2016 2G community connectivity are going to be a thing of your past. For that reason, it goes without the need of stating that there is an enormous market likely that still remains untapped in terms of the telematics ecosystem is worried.

During the current earlier, we’ve witnessed that offering linked cars and trucks has taken a whole new momentum and every automobile maker is gearing up to aid connectivity which offers strong network technologies whilst speedier networks like 3G and 4G are emerging. For instance systems supporting real-time driver basic safety instruction, fleet servicing packages, like gas and efficiency resources at the moment are obtainable worldwide for motor vehicle people to peruse – all this on the exact same rate factors as prior years’ tech.

Based on Ernst & Young, by the year 2025 the marketplace penetration statistics is expected to be 88% for new vehicles. This is a brand new paradigm shift as far as in-car connectivity of integrated telematics is anxious. Within the US alone, by 2025, 16 million new cars are going to be equipped with embedded telematics. Let’s quickly take a look with the hottest traits while in the exciting world of telematics today.

Top 5 Cutting-Edge Telematics Trends to Watch For 2

Top Market place Trend 1: Mapping to a Safer, More Efficient Intuitive Mechanization
Within the rapidly evolving world of telematics, the topmost exciting innovations like GPS tracking or map navigation systems alone have begun to empower both managers and drivers to associate with online platforms and encourage real-time communication on the go.

Although the GPS tracking system took hold about 10-12 years ago and has quickly become a mainstream telematics service, it is nevertheless counted as one of the top technologies that directly communicates with your car or truck and transmits information such as supplying maps, heavy rain up ahead, weather reports, wheel sensitivity, traffic alerts, reducing speed, etc. with day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and meter-by-meter accuracy.

Top Current market Trend 2: Autonomous Cars Becoming a Reality
Back in 2013, the first so-called ‘autonomous-drive’ car or truck has been driven in Japan. ‘Autonomous-drive’ or driverless motor vehicle is attracting the most buzz. While these voice-controlled vehicles are already in operation, albeit in test versions and not as yet produced commercially, but you will find no stopping the fact that such automobiles are going to be offered sooner than we think. Maybe as early as 2020, you can see a vehicle with all its most current voice and touch controls, zooming past you on the street.

Top Market place Trend 3: Greater Smartphone and Tablet Integration
Smartphones, iPads and Tablets have become a business staple nowadays. They are not a novelty anymore, but at work as highly personalized tools for people to take advantage of. So, no wonder then that these smart omnipresent new-age gadgets have become an easy platform for integrating telematics into them. Smart-phones, or for that matter tablets, create a seamless IT operation that can work hand-in-hand with the latest advanced telematics solutions – whether you are in your motor vehicle, home or office, or even during your leisure time, it can give you exact specifications and deliveries meeting your every single need.

Mobile apps on your smartphone facilitate connectivity that allows drivers to control their car remotely; you can check your car’s performance, basic safety and security by communicating with it in real-time and on the go. Rising consumer demands of tech savvy people have made sure that the telematics industry continues to grow. Overtime, this Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Solutions(V2I) feature will also allow inter-connectivity between two linked autos that will bring about an increasing need for machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity as well.

Top 5 Cutting-Edge Telematics Trends to Watch For 3

Top Industry Trend 4: In-Vehicle Infotainment!
There is certainly a palpable excitement around infotainment in the automobile industry and amongst car consumers. And the world of telematics doesn’t exempt from this euphoria, and why should it, especially when you can find an ongoing love affair with the social media networks.

In keeping with the latest report published by Allied Market place Research, by the year 2022 the in-car infotainment market will witness a double digit growth at an expected CAGR growth rate of 13.3% to reach $33.8 billion in total revenue.

With an unmistakable presence of great options or high-performance interfaces like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, touch screen audio or even audio, video, GPS-based navigation systems, interactive voice recognition services, live media streaming service, phone pairing features, among others, it is a given that the entertainment quotient from the infotainment industry will have a lion’s share in terms of loyal followers and making it quite easier to gain new markets and customers. To be sure, this is just the beginning of things to come.

Top Market Trend 5: The Impact from the ‘Internet of Things’
The diversity on the Internet of things (IoT) is set to profoundly impact the telematics ecosystem. With the combined power of interconnection of everyday objects via the internet, the “car in the future” will likely be increasingly intelligent, “wearable”, interconnected and seamlessly accelerated.

What’s more, while in the grand scheme of things of IoT, the car or truck itself will become smarter than it is now as it will start leveraging key IoT enabling systems that will directly address the virtual realm of real-time information, infotainment, and social networking with aplomb.

During the IoT environment, the vehicle can only literally certainly be a big data in motion problem which has become the proverbial poster child of this so-called IoT revolution where M2M (machine-to-machine) is a parent and Telematics is a grandparent and IoT is a child. We must realize that this is a third generation family, with similar DNA that is. All three generations are here to impact our lives.



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